Chapman Commercial Realty brokers are experienced with all phases of commercial property acquisition, leasing, management, operations, and disposition. Chapman also utilizes sophisticated databases, marketing and property management tools and technology to support exceptional asset performance to deliver the best results for our clients.

Commercial leasing is in-depth and challenging. We do not advise you to enter into the world of commercial leasing without a local expert who will not only find you a solution, but also protect your interests during the negotiation process. We have the experience to help you achieve winning results.

5 Tips to Selling your Commercial Property

Our top 5 tips will help you sell your commercial property fast. Find out how to establish a pricing strategy, understand investors, market your property, how to find the right commercial real estate agent for you, and more.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Market your property
  • Property types and details
  • Much more!