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At Chapman Commercial Realty, LLC, our team has the experience and market knowledge to help our clients make informed real estate decisions. Each company or individual has unique commercial real estate needs but, as a small real estate firm, our clients not only get the attention they deserve, but also the right, tailor-made solutions for their situation. We aim to create a mutually beneficial broker–client relationship because we know the success of our company depends on happy clients. We are committed to our goal to fully understand our client’s aspirations, expectations, and most importantly, their business. .


Commercial real estate needs are unique to every company/individual. Chapman Commercial understands the value of delivering unique solutions to every client. We aim to create a mutually beneficial broker–client relationship because we know the success of our company depends on happy clients.


Our agents provide tenant representation services for all types of commercial real estate, including office, industrial and retail. With our market knowledge, extensive comparable database, and transaction experience, we give our clients the information and options they need to make decisions with confidence.


Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing, having a Chapman Commercial pro in your corner gives you access to critical pricing information, and experience in negotiations.


Our Number One priority is customer service. It is our customers that define who we are, and we are pleased to have an excellent reputation in our community. We would like to thank all our past and present clients for their continued trust and referrals.

It was a real pleasure working with Chapman Commercial Realty.
They are truly the most knowledgeable in the industry.”

Chris B., Huntsville, AL

The Chapman team really exceeded all of my expectations!”

John J., Huntsville, AL

They are a very professional group of individuals and can help with anything related to commercial property.”

Bob M., Huntsville, AL


When is a good time to start speaking with Chapman Commercial Realty about my upcoming real estate needs?2021-04-02T07:53:09+00:00

It is usually a good idea to start the process at least 12 months before your current lease expires. This will ensure a smooth process and give you time to evaluate your options and the associated costs.

Can you help ensure confidentially?2021-04-09T00:07:48+00:00

Yes we can! However, strict confidentiality can hamper our marketing efforts, meaning that property information will be presented to a smaller group of buyers. When it comes to your staff, the larger the asset, the easier it is to maintain confidentiality than with smaller companies.

What is my property worth?2021-04-09T00:07:55+00:00

Most owners have an idea about the value of their property – but they don’t always have the wealth of information that is available to our professionals! If you wish to discuss the value of your property, we would like to hear from you.

Will you market my property without an exclusive listing?2021-04-09T00:08:03+00:00

No. Our ‘exclusive’ clients deserve our full attention and effort. Open listings never get the attention they need to be marketed effectively, no matter who the seller is or who has the listing!

What is the typical lease term?2021-04-09T00:08:11+00:00

Lease terms are typically 1–5 years, depending on the property.

Does Chapman Commercial Realty do a lot of repeat work with their clients?2021-04-09T00:08:18+00:00

Chapman Commercial Realty has one of the highest client retention rates in Huntsville. The quality of our service, combined with our attention to your needs, are two important reasons why our clients continue to work with us.

What does it mean to buy a property in ‘as is’ condition?2021-04-09T00:08:27+00:00

Buyers must rely entirely on their own information, judgment, and inspection of the properties. Sellers will provide a clear and marketable title to the properties. Buyers purchase the assets in their ‘as is’ state of condition, as of the time of purchase. It is important – and strongly recommended – for all interested prospects to fully inspect the condition of the properties they are interested in before purchase.

When you find a buyer for my property, will you help with the contract and the closing?2021-04-09T00:08:34+00:00

Yes. We pride ourselves on monitoring the whole process, from contract to closing.

5 Tips to Selling your Commercial Property

Our top 5 tips will help you sell your commercial property fast. Find out how to establish a pricing strategy, understand investors, market your property, how to find the right commercial real estate agent for you, and more.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Market your property
  • Property types and details
  • Much more!
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